Frank Bresee updates:

Dec 2010 -    A special holiday greeting from Frank & Bobbie Bresee!

4/27/10Bill & Kim talked to Bobbie and Frank! Frank sounded even better and talked at a greater length! His mind is still very sharp. He was going to be tested for swallowing 4/28 to see if he can get ready to get the feeding tube removed.  The therapists are still working with him for his speech and motor skills. He is going to start to have some friends over next week as well. He told us that he plans to stand in a few weeks!!  

4/8  Kim talked to Bobbie and Frank! Frank sounded great! Almost as good as before. He is still having speech problems but the therapists is working with him for his speech and motor skills. He maybe able to stand on his own in a few weeks or so.

4/1 Walden talked to Bobbie 3/26 and good news Frank speech is getting better.  If Frank pass his swallowing  test in a few weeks, then they can take out the feeding tubes.  Still need to work on the right leg to make that better. 

3/26 According to radio actor Tommy Cook (close friend of Frank & Bobbie) he saw Frank on 3/19.  "He looks a lot better than Tommy expected.  He has a hospital bed near the pool & a new Direct TV system.  Bobbie tends to him practically around the clock.  When he talks, his speech is not too bad.  He still has the feeding tube in the stomach.  His right leg & arm are still affected by the stroke. His weight is almost back to normal.  He seems to understand everything.  But he has to keep up with the physical therapy & most important, he has to gain back muscle use in the throat so he can swallow food on his own & get rid of the tube.  Frank is definitely trying to make strides."  He is getting feisty Bobbie says! It looks great so far!