Hello friends:

I'm so sorry I'm late in doing this.

Bill Passed away June 28th 2019 after a fall at home.

Yesterday USA was a big part of Bill's and my life. He was the first to provide old time radio to satellite and cable tv. Then he was the first to have old time radio on the internet. Bill helped many notable OTR programmers to get their start.

I, along with Don Richards, and the wonderful YUSA DJs will keep the station on the air for as long as possible, hopefully for years to come. That was a promise that I made to Bill years ago, But we will need the help of the listeners to help fund this special beloved network that we have.

Money has been tight but now it will be more so. In lieu of flowers and gifts, please consider honoring Bill with a contribution to his Yesterday USA. Any amount will help.

Bill loved this network and it is his legacy. As he would say let's ... Keep on keeping on!

Much love and peace


Yesterday USA
2001 Plymouth Rock Dr
Richardson Tx

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