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Now in our 26th year of broadcasting high quality old time radio shows free of charge 24 hours a day
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How To Listen To YUSA

There are many ways to listen to Yesterday USA including: Internet, Telephone, iPod, Cable TV, AM/FM radio, Hospitals & Nursing Homes and satellite.  Details on how to listen via each method is listed below.


CLICK HERE for a list of all Yesterday USA Internet Players.  We suggest that you use the SPARKS PLAYER that is located in the upper right corner section of our home page ( or listed within this link  CLICK HERE  ) because there is nothing to download or install, it is free of charge and it is so easy to operate.

Listen On All Cell Telephones

Now you can listen to YUSA free of charge any time you want and for as long as you want!

  1.  Just call 704-631-4060, press 1 for Mobile Radio.
  2.  press 9 to enter YUSA's 4 digit station id code: 1096
  3.  Enjoy!

Works on all cell phones and carriers. Standard wireless call rates apply and long distance charges may apply if not covered by wireless plan. See wireless carriers plan for more details. Airtime usage applies. Usage constitutes agreement of terms and conditions. Offer valid in the United States at this time.



Downloadable Pod Casts

Our good friends at Radio Nostalgia Network are now presenting free down loadable pod casts of most all of Yesterday USA's fine programs.  Click Here for details.


Free To Air Digital Satellite

We have two ( 2 ) powerful satellite locations that are in the clear and available free of charge and without commercials 24 hours a day.  2008 is our 25th consecutive year of providing Old Time Radio Shows to all persons living within the North American Hemisphere!  Thank you for your support over the years!

 Location #1

Galaxy 11 (G 11) KU Band
Transponder 18 Vertical
Frequency 12060
Symbol Rate: 26700
Audio PID: 1620 NOTE: take audio from Left Channel
output only
Video PID: 1160 ( see note below )

Note: Because this feed is located within scrambles signals, we suggest that you change  the Video PID  to 1160.  Otherwise, the sound may switch on and off from time to time.

Location #2

AMC 3 KU Band
Transponder 22 Vertical
Frequency: 12073
Symbol Rate: 3.0000
Audio PID: 1213 NOTE: take audio from Left Channel output only
Video PID: 0 ( see note below)

Note: Because this feed is located within scrambles signals, we suggest that you change  the Video PID  to zero.   Otherwise, the sound may switch on and off from time to time.  In most cases, it is only possible to set the Video PID to zero when using a computer to set up your Free To Air Receiver.  The Computer Setup Mode will work on the Receiver Model listed below and this feature offers many additional options that are not available by settings contained within the receiver unit.  CLICK HERE for Traxis DBS 3500 Software

We suggest that purchase a Traxis brand Free To Air Satellite Receiver, Model Number DBS 3500.  Theses units are available for under $80.00 from DMS International.  CLICK HERE  Remember, you will need a small satellite dish and a LNB.  While YUSA can not offer technical support, many Dish Network or DIRECTV installers are able to install Free To Air receivers.  CLICK HERE for Traxis DBS 3500 Software.


What is the FREE TO AIR SATELLITE service?

FREE TO AIR SATELLITE is an all new digital satellite service, that is quickly taking the place of the old out dated analog C-Band system!  As the name implies, there are literarily thousands of Television and Radio Channels available for FREE; with many more new Channels being added each month!  You can purchase an easy to install and easy to operate complete system for a one time charge of about $199.00!  Remember, you will never ever have to pay a monthly subscription fee!  You must have a FREE TO AIR RECEIVER, so CLICK HERE to order your system NOW!  CLICK HERE for Traxis DBS 3500 Software.

CLICK HERE for a list of Free To Air Satellites & the many Free Programs that are available!

Can I combine a FREE TO AIR satellite receiver with my present C/KU Band receiver or with my 4DTV receiver and Dish?

YES, YES, YES!  Just do the following:

1.   Order ONLY a FREE TO AIR satellite receiver.

2.   Purchase two (2) inexpensive “high frequency splitters” (950-1450 MHz or better), and one (1) “RF   selector switch” from any Radio Shack Store.

3.   Split both the C and KU feeds that come from your satellite dish, sending one set of signals back to your C-Band or 4DTV Receiver.

4.   Run the other set of signals into the “selector switch”.  Take the output of the “selector switch” and connect it to your new FREE TO AIR Receiver.  Since the FREE TO AIR Receiver has only one input, use the “selector switch” to choose between C and KU Band signals.

5.   Connect your new FREE TO AIR Receiver to the auxiliary input of your television set.

6.   Use your existing C/KU Band or 4DTV receiver to choose between vertical & horizontal polarization.  You will also use your receiver to select a satellite and to move your  dish.  You can then enjoy either C/KU Band or FREE TO AIR programs by switching between the “main” and “auxiliary” inputs on your television set!

NOTE:  If you have only a C or only a KU Band system, then you will only need one (1) “high frequency splitter”; and you will NOT need the “selector switch”

DISH Network and DIRECT TV almost always use freelance contractors to install their systems.  Most of these individuals are capable and willing to install your new FREE TO AIR System for a modest fee. 

If this doesn't make sense to you, ask your local satellite expert for help. It is well worth the effort.


C-Band (Big) Analog Satellite Dishes

Our C-Band Satellite service is not available at this time.  Satellite listeners can easily listen via the new Free to Air Satellite Service.  See Free To Air Digital Satellite.

Hospitals & Nursing Homes


TWL Knowledge Group

Yesterday USA is pleased to be partnered with TWL Knowledge Group  TWL is a company that provides training news and information to over one million people daily; in over 5,000 Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Police Departments, Fire Departments, The United States Customs Service, The United States Border Patrol, Homeland One and numerous Automobile Dealerships through out north America.
   The TWL Knowledge Group, Inc. distributes their products directly to the work site, via seven (7) satellite delivered Television Networks and to desktop computers via the Internet.

Yesterday USA's Old Time Radio Shows are available to the patients and residents of the many fine Hospitals and Nursing Homes in America; that now receive their daily Training, Education and News from TWL Knowledge Group, Inc.!

Call Mr. Lonny Wilder for more information on how you can receive YUSA's old time radio shows at your Hospital or Nursing Home.

Mr. Lonny Wilder,Vice President
Government Solutions & Law Enforcement

TWL Knowledge Group
4101 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007

Cable TV

YUSA is carried on various cable systems throughout the country. CLICK HERE for a list of cable TV outlets that now carry Yesterday USA.   The local cable channel number for YUSA will vary depending on your local Cable Television Company. If your local cable system does not carry YUSA, you can read Bill's guide on how to get your cable company to carry YUSA.

Low Power AM and FM Radio Stations

Many private citizens rebroadcast Yesterday USA using low power AM or FM transmitters. If you are able to receive a signal from a low power broadcaster, have that person contact YUSA for free permission to rebroadcast Yesterday USA. Our telephone number is: 972/889-YUSA.  CLICK HERE for a list of Low Power AM/FM Radio Stations that carry YUSA!

If you would like to become a low power AM or FM broadcaster, and operate your own radio station, please contact the Federal Communications Commission for more information.