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About Bill Bragg

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Big Bird , Puppy , Kitty Kat
& Honey Babi
the Official YUSA Pets.


"Big Bird" -  is a Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot that like to chase Puppy and Kitty & Honey Babi to show them who is really the boss of the house!!

Big Bird

Bill got Big Bird when he was a baby as a trade for a hyper-active parrot that Bill used to own. Big Bird is about 30 years old. Here is some information about the Amazon Breed:

Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata  (YELLOW-NAPE AMAZON)
This is one of the most symmetrically shaped of all the Amazons. These birds are known for their intelligence and talking ability. Napes have very human voices. Their voices are low without being gruff and they use inflection rather than speak in a monotone. This group of birds is known for their singing ability. Most have a good sense of pitch. The males can be more difficult to handle as they reach sexual maturity so early training is necessary. These birds have a tendency to challenge other males that are similar in coloration. They seem to enjoy showing off and display frequently. They are clever, have great personalities, and make amusing pets.

Range:    Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua
Size:        12-15 inches
Head:      Green with a few yellow feathers on the forehead. Some do not have any yellow feathers;
                 others get them as they mature. Yellow feathers are also at the back of the neck (nape).
                 This increases with age. Some birds develop more yellow than others.
Beak:      Dark gray with the base of the upper mandible somewhat lighter
Feet:       Light gray

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Dog 1

"Puppy" - is a Terrier Mix that we found abandoned in 1998 near a freeway. He is very protective of us and the house
but he is the most lovable dog that you could have asked for. The cats rule in the house but he is the "king" outside!  


    "Kitty Kat"  - (he is actually Puppy's cat, since Puppy found him as a kitten in a bush during a rain storm in Oklahoma in April 2001)
He was the master of the house until his sister showed up. Now that look is reserved for his new sister "Honey Babi")

"Honey Babi" - is a stray kitten that Kim adopted from the alley when she was about 3 month's old in July '08.  Kim was feeding her and her mom but then the mother disappeared and Honey was by herself playing with bugs and rocks.  She is part Siamese with bright blue eyes, but with a cream color coat and calico markings.
She has with a deep gravel sounding meow and "barks" orders around here like she is the princess!)