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Auditions Are Now Open at Yesterday USA
For Volunteer DJs!


Do You Want To Be A Yesterday USA DJ?

You could be a full time volunteer disc jockey for Yesterday USA! YUSA is always looking for audition tapes from anyone who wants to become a YUSA DJ.  What's the catch? You must be willing to work for free! (Remember, no one at YUSA receives a salary of any kind.)

What You Need

If you are interested in applying, you need to create an audition tape. Before creating an audition tape you will need the following:

  1. You need just an average voice.
  2. You need an old time radio collection (or easy access to one).
  3. You need to be able to make a commitment to produce a new program every two weeks.
  4. You also need some equipment with which to make your show:
    • You will need a microphone to talk into.
    • You will need a cassette recorder to record your show.
    • You will need a machine to play old time radio shows for recording on the cassette recorder (e.g., another cassette recorder, reel-to-reel player, etc).
    • A mixer would come in handy if you can get one.
    All of the equipment can be picked up at your local Radio Shack for a few hundred dollars.

The Rules

Assuming you can get everything you need, creating your show should be fairly straightforward. When creating your audition tape, you must follow some rules:

  1. No cussin'.
  2. No music shows. The members voted that they do not want any more music shows. You must play old time radio shows. (They should be pre-1960 USA radio shows).
  3. No talking about religion, politics, or sports. (You can say something like "God Bless" on your show or even say a prayer--just don't get into religious discussions).
  4. You must record your program on cassette. Bill mentioned that you should turn off your Dolby noise reduction when recording. Also, you should use good quality tapes such as TDK, Sony, Maxell, etc. Do not use any store brand tapes because the High Speed Dubber eats them!
  5. Your audition tape should be no longer than 55 minutes.


Bill has a suggestion or two for you when you create your tape. As a suggestion, play a 30 minute program and a 15 minute program on your show. Since your show can be a maximum of 55 minutes, this will leave you with 10 minutes for an introductory theme, closing theme, and some extra time for you to be able to talk.

Since your program must be recorded on cassette and you can't fit 55 minutes on one side of a cassette, many people wonder where in their program they should flip sides. The answer is simple: Anywhere you want! You could switch sides in the middle of a sentence if you want! Bill does a wonderful job of editing the two sides together, so he suggests you worry about the content of your show rather than worrying about where to switch sides.

What's Next?

Well, assuming you have your audition tape done, all you have to do is mail it to Yesterday USA at:
Yesterday USA
2001 Plymouth Rock
Richardson, TX 75081, USA

After that, Bill will listen to it to make sure it follows the rules outlined above and assuming it does, it will be played on the air! After all of the audition tapes have been played on air, the members will be asked to vote to see who will become the next DJ. (Bill will only vote if there is a tie).

Send in your Auditions as soon as possible!  The closing date for Auditions, and the Supporting Members "voting date" will be announced soon.  Listen to Tape#1 for more information or call 972/889-TALK during the daily LIVE Broadcasts (9:00 AM to 12 Noon Monday - Friday, or 10:30 PM to Midnight Monday - Thursday Eastern time).